Monday, October 20, 2014

Across The Pond

Here I am trying to backlog a few things that are sorely overdue to be posted.  This post contains pictures from my trips to England to visit my my girlfriend Kat and her family back in the winter of 2013. An exceptional country that I can not wait to return to and explore those places I had missed the first time around.

The butcher of Lacock

Obviously the right place to sit down for a cuppa.

Chilly morning Ladies?


I love all the buildings. The air is so rich with history that it feels like there are stories under every stone.
The closest I have been to stonehenge and the center of the pagan world.

One hell of a lucky guy!

The first baby I have held. Not sure which one of us was more scared.

The Eatoughs were kind enough to represent our Chicagoan clan.

Not a tardis... but almost.
The Ancient Baths of Bath 

While on a stroll this perfect calm revealed itself

How many locks can you count?

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
This beautiful lady is the love of my life.

Cheese-tasting never gets old

What a line up!

"I am always ready to learn, Although I do not always like being taught"
~Sir Winston Churchill~