Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Snow On The Cheese

We finally got our snow!  Only about a half meter of snow but that has changed the face of the mountain from a rocky outcropping with strips of white to a full powder covered wonderland with only the occasional rock or two popping out.  Life on the Cheese is good but I am still looking forward to what is next.  Potential to be a glacier guide in Fox New Zealand or possibly a seasonal bio job somewhere about, maybe even head back to Australia.  It is difficult to plan the next step when I am busy having so much fun every day.  We are about halfway through the season and already I know how greatly I will miss my time here. As with Shark Bay and any great moment in my life this will forever remain a treasured place in my heart.  The type of place where I hated to fall asleep and couldn't wait to wake up.  Where every single second counted and every single second was filled with the purity of that moment, that specific moment.  Tonight, as the snow continues to fall outside my bedroom window I wonder what tomorrow holds for us all.  A new take on the world no doubt, a fresh perspective through once-again cleared lenses.

The new snow, looking up from the office

A few of the staff members with cheesy poses

The moon above our T-bar lift early in the morning

Five brave souls atop Mt. Cockayne on one of the iciest days of the year

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