Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Sun May Rise In The Eastern Skies

Road Trip East

2 people
2 Oceans
18 States
5 Timezones
31 Days

While attending college in Oregon I made my way across the USA 3 separate times from Chicago to Eugene, Oregon.  On each of these occasions I took different routes with different people however all of the trips had one thing in common.  All of them were westbound.

This last year after returning from New Zealand with my girlfriend Kat, I finally had the chance to travel east. From Hawaii to Oregon by plane and then 5 weeks of driving a meandering route were set to be one of the best road trips I've ever been on. The scale changes and what can be measured in hours in NZ is measured in days in the US.

No longer do you simply take the only road leading east. No, here you have to choose among the many options that will all take you to your destination. Thankfully for us we have so many amazing friends and family stretching across the country to balance our time on the road and to offset the budget that we can not afford to blow.

Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Santiam Pass Oregon

Caleb, Becca and Me in Boise




Chicago was our stop in between where we paused on our trip only to restart it again 5 months later and after the snow finally began to clear from this truly epic winter.  From there we made it all the way east to New York City. 

Chicago's Willis (Sears) Tower from the bottom...

...and from the top.

Revolution Brewery Chicago------ Highly Recommended!

My whole family together for the first time in 6 years!!

Beautiful beast at Starved Rock Illinois

New Zealand isn't the only place you can climb ice walls. Starved Rock Illinois



Great friends meet up in Chicago.

Female house Finch in the backyard.

Testing out the new car tent.
New York and the Atlantic Ocean.

Niagra Falls, Ontario

In honor of those who fell and to those who carry on,  May we never forget.

9/11 Memorial, One of the most moving places I have ever been.

The men in uniform


Kat Skiing Sugarbush Vermont

Snowy Owls invade the East Coast

Ferry across Lake Champlain on the way back to Chicago