Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ecuador or Alaska?

Now I have a goal... Get to Ecuador...  all that is left is to actually DO IT.  Of course, as I am learning more and more every day, life likes to throw you the curveball quite often.  Suddenly the jobs I've applied for are very interested and they ask...

"Tyler, do you want to study the vegetational preference of Elk grazing in Oregon?"
"Tyler, do you want to study birds in Alaska this summer?"

Me: "Well... yeah thats why I applied and sent you all those emails."...

"Great! you don't mind just hanging out while we decide if we have enough funding to hire you, do you?"

Me: "Umm... I guess I can do that for now but please let me know how long it might take before you have an answer for me."

... and then...
... Silence.

Ok, this may be a slight exaggeration, but when you are waiting all day for days to hear about the job you want most (In my case the Alaskan bird one) without even knowing when you might hear back, that can make time drag on and on. In my mind i keep asking if I should tell them I am uninterested and then simply carry out my plan of returning to Ecuador.

I am still waiting for word on the Alaskan Bird job now. If i don't get it soon, then I think it is about time for me to set out on a course for the equator and to see where that takes me.

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