Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great Gardens

All of the other woofers and occupants of the farm have moved on now to other endeavors while I am left to run the it solo for about a week until the owners return.  It's good work and does not require excessive upkeep besides keeping the plants and animals fed and watered.  As long as the sheep don't escape, the birds aren't attacked by animals and the plants don't wither I am doing a good job.

I've also found that I have quite a bit of free time each day in between caring for the animals.  I am always looking to fill this time with something fun or productive.  One day I made it out across the bay to Halibut Cove, the most incredible town I have ever seen within the boundaries of the United States... of course it was so spur of the moment that in my haste I forgot my camera and now that experience is recorded solely within my mind.  The last few days I have been lucky enough to be working as a landscaper for a friends mom, and making some traveling money along the way.

She has a beautiful self-designed house located on a level mid-slope terrace overlooking the town of Homer.  The view from her house is gorgeous and the garden is pristine.  I feel fortunate to have been acquainted with her and even more-so to have been able to put a little of my own work into her garden.  Every day I worked there we had frequent visits from Bald Eagles and Moose.  Best of all, I got to learn some great gardening techniques and practices from one of the best. 

Looking right down the Homer spit.  What a view!

Working hard outside for great people and with a view like this... It will be very difficult to leave Homer.  In the short time I have already spent here I have come to feel quite comfortable... quite at home.  The place itself and the environment surrounding it fills me constantly with its picturesque beauty.  I love to talk with the "Homerians" who seem to possess this concrete bond with their home.  They understand how special their home is and those I have met don't take it for granted.  These people truly have their feet rooted firmly on the ground and the fruit of such a healthy connection with their land is made evident in the way they live.  Homer will always be a destination for my return and is already on the short-list of places I feel at home... of places I could live.  

Just one of the everyday Bald Eagle sightings

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