Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Evolutionary Nostalgia

We have made the most of our time off and did a little sight seeing up and down the coast visiting several of the bluffs overlooking the ocean.  One of the highlights was the stromatalite colony and rock formations on the edge of the bay.  Stromatalites are small rock spires formed by cyanobacteria.  Without these ancient microscopic life forms the atmosphere may never have been able to support large and complex life forms such as us.  We were there to pay our respects to one of the last remaining and still living remnants of these rare beauties.  I could feel a sense of evolutionary nostalgia hanging in the air.

We then moved down south a bit more to Shell Beach.  It is exactly what is sounds like.  The tide was low and you could walk out around 200 meters through 2-4 inches of water.  We had some fun taking photos and then rounded off our trip with a stop at each scenic bluff along the way back.

Shark Bay (Taken by Fanny Vessaz)

Stromatalites (Taken by Fanny Vessaz)

Stromatalites and Kirk (Taken by Adriana Weil)

Stromatalites (Taken by Adriana Weil)

Shell Beach (Taken by Adriana Weil)

Dragonball Adri (Taken and edited by Tyler Roberts)

Shell Beach (Taken by Adriana Weil)

Pied Cormorants and Red Cliff (Taken by Fanny Vessaz)

Shell Brick Quarry (Taken by Tyler Roberts)

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