Friday, December 30, 2011

As Time Rolls Along

 After catching up on the nature pictures I figured I would post some more of the other day to day shots that have accumulated in the last months.

(Tyler Roberts)

10th of December Eclipse (Tyler Roberts)

Adriana's killer Orange poundcake (Adriana Weil)

Wicked Camper Van (Adriana Weil)

Not a bad place to work. (Kirk Gastrich)

Monkey Mia Sunset (Adriana Weil)

Eat your heart out Danny Larusso.

Snorkeling Duboit (AnnaRose Adams)

Thanksgiving apple pie, researcher style.  Thanks for the artistic direction Fanny. (picture and pie by Tyler Roberts)

Shifting around the trailer while Kirk supervises.

These last pictures are from our little trip out to Guichenault Point, Francois Peron National Park.  One of the best and most memorable days from our time here together.

Panorama on the cliff at Guichenault (Chriss Mull, stitched together by Tyler Roberts) 

Guichenault Cliff (Chris Mull)

 The second time I've been leaning over the side of a boat directly over a Tiger Shark. Almost the same picture. (Chris Mull)

This is the one from earlier. (Simon Allan)

Blowfish anchored at Guichenault. (Kirk Gastrich)

(AnnaRose Adams) 

Adriana and Fanny working on their boat model careers. (Kirk Gastrich)

Camp Guichenault (Tyler Roberts)

(Chris Mull)


  1. Love the camp site,
    hey last time I saw that tent it was 11,000 feet higher and in the saddle of the Grand Teton's