Friday, June 8, 2012

Winter is On Down Under

The snow struck hard a couple days ago blanketing all of canterbury in 6-24 inches of snow in 24 hours.  Temperatures plummet and winds howl as the winter takes hold.  The more snow the better for me as I will soon be heading up the slopes for 3 months of winding my way way through the powder.  It was the day after the full moon that the clouds cleared the skies.  The day after the lunar eclipse and the transit of venus. Its to bad we missed out on those phenomenal events but we did have some magic of our own in the works.  Out into the night I went armed with a camera and makeshift tripod for a session of nighttime photography... my favorite type of photography.  With the moon glowing soft and the snow imitating I did my best to capture the serenity and silence of the place.

The next day I went back out with my camera.  It was a bit easier to take pictures when you do not have to worry about your fingers freezing off.  Below the Bees sleep for winter,  the Canadian Geese seem at home... though in the wrong hemisphere.

These last pictures were takes as the snow fell on that first day and before it had a chance to build up.


  1. A beautiful winter, you've captured the magic of it in these pictures. It seems like a long way since you were swimming with the Sea Turtles.

  2. I hope you are going to have an epic winter!

  3. the purity of a frozen night with a cloudless sky ... pure talent tyler.