Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Year Away

I recently passed the year anniversary of me departing from the US to engage upon this journey in the southern hemisphere.  From Chicago to Miami to Perth to Fox I have explored the land around me.  I have met now hundreds of amazing people and places.  Home truly is where the heart is an as long as I love what I do then my heart will stay with me... in this moment.  A year ago I celebrated my birthday with strangers who are now as old friends.  Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday with new friends and already lasting relationships.  The world is full, from top to bottom, with the most inspiring personalities.  We have only to go out and to meet them.  They are everywhere waiting to connect with us and to forge those bonds.  The land around us holds wonders that never cease if only we open eyes to new perspectives and life is good.  Take action for your happiness and make life happen.  It will not wait for you.

Glacial blue is as enchanting a color as any in the world.

Anna and Josh set up our top-rope

Terminal Face of the Fox Glacier and our ice climbing playground

"ACTION is the foundational key to SUCCESS"
~Pablo Picasso~

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  1. I was lucky enough to hike into the ice caves of the Mount Ranier glaciers before they closed in the early 80's. I still remember the freezer-like temperatures and pure blue color inside the cave. It's an experience you will remember.