Saturday, March 31, 2012

Queenstown and Wanaka


Queenstown is a beautiful town in New Zealand though expensive and crowded.  Due to our budget constraints we spent less than 24 hours poking around before deciding that our time and money might be better spent elsewhere.  This is a place I hope to return to when I have the means but for now I am happy to explore the many free areas left to see in New Zealand.

Queenstown is the hip place to be so here is me acting all cool to fit in.

The types of things that go on just over your head in Queenstown.  Ah, if I were rich...

Just a little farther north from Queenstown you find Wanaka, the cheaper and less populated town of outdoor recreation.  Here you can find kayaks to rent, rock walls to climb and planes to jump out of for a more reasonable price.  Or course that price is still bit high for us so we were content to take a day of rest in this most gorgeous of towns.  We arrived on a beautiful day and spent most of it relaxing down by the lake.  Later on in the day we took in a movie at the Cinema Paradiso.  This is a unique theater with couches instead of seating and a mandatory intermission in which they serve food and home made cookies and ice cream.  Not a bad day.

"Ender's Game" down by the lake

An unexpected critter in the grass.

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