Friday, March 2, 2012


It is now the day before we move on to New Zealand and an entire new adventure but here are a few more pictures from Tasmania, starting with some of the most awesome people who let us live at their house and come and go as we pleased and went far out of their own way to make our travels the best they could be.  Adriana and I are both so grateful to have met and been able spend time with everyone in this first photo.   The rest of the photos are of the other adventures that took place all over Tasmania.

In case you find yourself in Tasmania and in need of some builders of the highest caliber I would recommend you go to Ninedot straight away and talk to Mick Miller

Adriana and I with Bronte,  Josh, Alison, Mick and Terry in George Town, Tasmania

Halls Falls, one of the many we saw in Tasmania.

Tree Fern

The shoes we wore when hiking Cradle Mountain. Jason, Adriana and I.

Twisted Lakes Cradle Mountain

Jason cooking up some Wallaby burgers.

As poor people going on broke we took full advantage of the fruit growing around us including the blackberries.


A Tasmanian logo of the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

Going to a movie in Hobart was a serious thrill and luxury to have the theater to ourselves.

What large claws they have!

Nothin but gourmet meals of course.


We had some real fun taking jumping pictures on the Henty Sand Dunes in western Tasmania.  We were all very... very sore the next day.

Picture #1 (Jason Hosler)

Picture #2 (Jason Hosler)

(Jason Hosler)
(Jason Hosler)

(Jason Hosler)

(Jason Hosler)

(Jason Hosler)


  1. How will you ever payback the generosity and friendship of Mick and his family

    Tazy is the world's best kept secret, and you're so fortunate to have unlocked it

    A platypus! seriously?

    You've perfected the leaping photo, why plank when you can catch some air.

    Watch out for Orcs and cave trolls in New Zealand

  2. I LOVE the jumping photos. Those are my expertise, you know!

    So happy you're having such an amazing time...that doesn't even begin to describe it, does it?

    Sending some peace and love your way, always!