Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Temporary Kiwi

A few days ago I was granted my Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand!  It came at an expensive cost and having to jump through all of the required hoops but ultimately I have come out on top and it was well worth it.  While waiting for the final ok on my visa i was hesitant to make any plans for the future in case it did not work out but now my mind is absolutely racing with possibilities.  For the moment I have a perfect situation and could not ask for more but soon I will want to be back on the road exploring more of the beautiful country.

With the working visa I am legally allowed to work in all capacities so I will be applying for jobs from ski lift operator to biological technician.  I plan to keep my options open and, hopefully, to continue broadening my horizons with new jobs and experiences.

I just received word from a fellow Oregonian that I met here.  She in possession of a camper van and has actually offered to give it to me. Not sell... but give.  As I've said before if you follow your heart and stay a positive person the universe will provide.  Typically I am man of reason and fairly pragmatic in action but I can not argue with evidence and according to the recent events in my life things do fall into place.  In the meantime I work very hard and try to return the generosity I am shown.  Suddenly I can hear the locks lift and the world begins to open doors ahead of me.

Now I am not interested in taking advantage of anyone so I will insist that I pay her some amount fro the van, though it will likely not be much due to my own restraints.  A free car would be great but a clear conscience and a wide smile across both our faces would be better.  Is it New Zealand's atmosphere or travel in general that brings out these virtues in all the people I meet here?  These virtues that I imagine are not often found in the United States... or is that my own misconception?  Is it a question of expression instead?

"It's a characteristic of human nature that the best qualities, called up quickly in a crisis, are often the hardest to find in a prosperous calm."

~Gregory David Roberts~

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  1. She wants to give it to you, let her. There is nothing wrong with accepting someones generosity. Just pay the favor forward instead. Give the van away when you are done with it.