Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cameron Highlands/ Perhentians

The cameron highlands were beautiful with rolling tea fields in all directions.  The amount of development taking place in the area was a bit off-putting but looking past that there was much to see.

The Perhentians
This was a beautiful place to visit though you must know what part to got to.  We avoided the party areas of the islands and went instead to the more removed beaches.  The first we stopped at was not particularly friendly and had a very rough beach with little sunshine during the day.  The next day we caught a taxi boat to "Bubbles", another out of the way spot on the larger island.  Here we found what we were looking for.  Beautiful beaches, great diving and lovely people.  The turtle conservation project here was great to witness and we even got to watch a large momma turtle laying eggs one night.   Other nights included fire dancing and partying with the staff.  This was another hard place to leave.  I guess we are just suckers for island paradise.

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