Monday, September 16, 2013

The Highs On Cockayne

This view never get old and I will miss it forever.

Mt Cheeseman was a bit tough this year.  We had a solid start full of snow but little to follow for the next few months. Now the field has had no choice but to close early thrusting the staff suddenly forward into future plans without any of us really having much of a plan set out.  Luckily we are spontaneous enough people to be able to cope with it. Here are a few of the highlights from this 2013 season from Mt Cheeseman.

2013 Undie 500 Race

The White Trash Cheesey Girls, Kat and Hannah

Ski Patrol/ David Hasselhof with the fake tan in the center 

The Best skier on the mountain. (Kat Eatough)

Cheesemans very own Yogi as "CheeseWoman" (Kat Eatough)

Fresh Snow

While on hold waiting for the final decision if the field would close for the season we had one of the best days of skiing I have ever experienced. An entire ski field all to ourselves... This is the beauty of skiing Mount Cheeseman.

My best line down A-basin. (Johnny Corcoran)
Pole Boarding, I love it. (Johnny Corcoran)

Getting a wee bit of air off the boardercross. (Johnny Corcoran)

Just a cool photo down A-Basin (Johnny Corcoran)

Johnny kicking up powder at 1-point-21 Gigawats!


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  1. Tyler's got the wonderful ability to view the dawn of every day as a new adventure just waiting to be explored.

    Thank you letting me see that too thru your lens

    Here's to keeping that forever.