Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goodbye Shark Bay

I have now officially left Shark Bay and began to travel around the rest of Australia.  My time has been unforgettable and unrepeatable.  If you have read any of the earlier posts than you surely know that I have strong feelings for the place and the people that call it home.  It is sad to go, to move away from everyone that I have only just become friends with but I am ready to see what else Australia has in store for me.

First stop is Perth in the southwest.  Adriana and I were lucky enough to have a couple friends, Katie and Emily, from Monkey Mia heading down south about the same time so we all made the trek together.  It might sound boring to drive for 10 hours across the wide bushland of WA but with great people time always moves too quickly.

HMAS Sydney II Memorial

The Pinnacles

Mysterious spires of limestone rock rising eerily out of the sand. What are these tombstones that seem as if they were the remnant of some ancient graveyard?

We are now staying in Safety Bay just south of Perth with two of the sweetest people, Kathy and Dave.  From here we are moving all about the southwest taking in whatever we can before we are off to Tasmania.  You could not ask for better hosts than Kathy, Dave and their dogs.

Teddy, Adriana and Charlie at Kathy and Dave's House

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