Monday, February 27, 2012

Margaret River

These are all from the Southwest area of Australia.  It is a beautiful place and my favorite spot on the west coast.  I could write pages and pages on each photo here but as time is short I will summarize heavily in caption form.

Life springs back.

This is the Gloucester Tree, a 60 meter tall tree with rebar spiraling around it that you can climb to the top.
They stand at the top of this tree to keep a lookout for forest fires.

Lake Cave
Lake Cave
Lake Cave sinkhole
Margaret River surf

Adriana's photos

Top of the Gloucester Tree

I am a scared of heights and this was a serious accomplishment for me

Wine tasting

The Vineyard

I like the smell of rosemary.

Dave O'Reilly our surf instructor

The aftermath of some serious fires in Margaret River

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