Monday, February 27, 2012

A Short Update on Tassie

We have been bouncing all over Tasmania, thats an island just south of Australia, for the past two weeks.  We started in the Northeast and have made a full circuit going clockwise around the island.  We have seen a lot and had an amazing time but two weeks just isn't enough for a place so packed to the brim with wild sights and adventure.  I've got heaps of photos to post in the near future but here is just a little taste for now.

While traveling about Tazzie we met up with Jason Hosler our Canadian friend who has been in Australia for over a year now.  He is a fantastic photographer, river rat raft guide, mountain bike guide and all around Tasmawesome guy.  He has a blog of his own full of fantastic photos and adventure.  I highly recommend checking it out and following it.  Who knows, maybe one day you will find yourself needing an adventure photographer (photographist?) of your own?  Jason is one of the bearded fellows bellow.

Real explorers have beards. (Adriana Weil)

Playing the Didgeridoo (Adriana Weil) 

Tasmanian Devil (Adriana Weil)

Tassie Devil (Tyler Roberts)

A sleepy Echidna (Adriana Weil)

I am the small spot to the top right of Ralph Falls (Adriana Weil)

A backpackers shower.  (Jason Hosler)

Jumping over Cradle Mountain (Jason Hosler)

Wineglass Bay and Hazard's Beach (Tyler Roberts)

A comfy spot on the top of Cradle Mountain. (Jason Hosler)

Thats it for now but stay tuned to see more soon...


  1. Is that the same old grey brimmed hat that's been everywhere with you?
    quel chapeau!

    1. You bet it is! That hat has been with me from New Mexico to Oregon From Ecuador to Illinois and now from Alaska to Australia. Tomorrow it will travel even further south to New Zealand.