Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where The WIld Things Are

I depart for Fairbanks on a red-eye flight out of portland on the 14th.  Just a few days away and I am so anxious to get going. As I have said before, I HATE waiting.  However, this is far better than waiting for word about job applications. This type of waiting is actually amping me up more for the adventure.  I have been corresponding with my soon-to-be boss about traveling around after the position is over.  I would like to see the rest of the state... maybe even get another job and extend my stay.

A couple days ago i signed up for aviation safety training because we are being dropped in by pontoon plane or helicopter. Every time I have ever gone camping before this I have had fantasies of being out in Wild, not just the uncapitalized "wild"... well now I will be. I will be out of touch, out of reach, out of my comfort zone and so freaking happy about it.

It should be rough and potentially frightening but at least I know without an ounce of doubt that it will be one hundred percent reality. It is pure... It is dirty... It is painful... It is change... It is unsafe and downright deadly, but it never pretends not to be.  We all know where we come from even though most of us like to pretend we are beyond it. We can act as though we have created a new world that is completely under our own control but the truth is that we all play by natures rules. In fact we live and die by them every day.

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