Monday, May 30, 2011

The Project Plan

Here is a rough itinerary of the ALMS project within Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge. At each plot we will survey birds, plants, lichens and even mammals... with the emphasis on birds of course.

May 31: Fly to Bettles
June 1-4:  Chalatna Mouth (Plot #1)
June 5-10: Chalatna Fork (Plot #2)
June 11-15: Clawanmenka SE (Plot #3)*
June 16-22: Minnkokut (Plot #4)
June 23-28: (maybe June 30): Chalatna ALMS (Plot #5)
July 1: Bettles to Fairbanks

Each link will connect you to a map I made over google maps to show the exact location of each plot we will be visiting.  The point falls at the center of each plot and extends in a radius approximately 1500 meters in all directions.

*  We may possibly have to drop this plot for lack of a helicopter willing to pull us out to the next plot In which case I will be returning several days early.

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