Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Remaining Pictures

Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge

The Kitchen

There was one day when we had come back from point-counts and the sun was out, blazing hot.  Not even the mosquitos were out that afternoon.  It was our last plot and the lake looked so inviting that i decided to go for a little swim.  One of the best choices I made out there.

Dragonfly and its exuvia

Helicopter sling-load bearing all of our gear

Just a few mosquitos.

We had to walk across this beaver damn to get to work every day

2:15am looking over the arctic circle

Got to love those spiders... they do eat mosquitos.

Scotty coming in for a landing

The White Mountains Pinnell Trail

Justin can't wait to go hiking!

These guys poped up in a single day after some heavy rains

Good spirits on our drenching 10 mile hike out of the mountains

Back in Fairbanks

We found this cute little Downy Woodpecker fledgling in Anne's Backyard.  It had hit a window and was stunned but not seriously injured, we wanted to make sure the cat didn't get to him.   It was difficult to tell if it was a Downy or Hairy Woodpecker at first.  Eventually we noticed that the Hairy Woodpecker, which is larger with slightly different proportions, also has slate white on the exterior tail feathers while the Downy Woodpeckers have a couple black bars evident in the pictures below.

See the two black lines on the white tail feathers?

What a cool wing!  Rarely do you get such a great look at the details

Pepper (the little one) and Kiana keeping us company

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